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Hi, my name is Alan Peters. Thanks for visiting my website. My goal for this site is two fold. First, it allows me to showcase my Smithwick Collection. Second and perhaps most important, it allows me to provide a web based resource for individuals who want more information about the history and evolution of lures made by Jack K. Smithwick of Shreveport, Louisiana. The favorites for collectors are the Top-N-Bottom series, then the Devels Horse which was later re-named the Devils Horse series of lures.

It is far more difficult to follow the evolution of the lures and colors with the Smithwick products than it may be with other brands. They produced their eye catching and unique line of lures since the early 1950's. But in 1975 the factory burned down destroying most of the paper trail, advertising material, color charts, prototypes and the valuable history of this fine maker of fishing lures.

I am trying to piece it all back together. On this site I have posted everything I could find from the past: advertisements, articles from fishing magazines, pictures, wholesale catalogs, color charts and my collection of boxes and lures. I have a section where other Smithwick Collectors can have pictures of their collections posted. I am trying to build a truly complete Smithwick resource for all to see.

I would appreciate your help in this endeavor. I am always on the lookout for Smithwick items to expand the material for this resource site. I would appreciate any assistance you may be able to give. It may be something you are willing to part with or simply referring someone you know this site. Thanks for your help and support.

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